Retro fabrics


Sven Fristedts designs are more than retro. They are timeless retro. The bold colours makes them retro.


Sven Fristedt made success in New York in the early 70-ies with his designs. Jack Lenor Larsen described him as “a superb draftsman, sketching all the time and bringing simplified symbolic forms of robustness and lively vitality to his designs, that are marvelous for our time”. It is certainly still valid today. His designs are still sold on the quite big 2nd hand textilemarket for classic designs.

Retro fabrics

Retro fabric designs

When we started new production of some of his classics, neither we or Sven Fristedt had any fabric of “Frost in Garden” available. We found and bought two meters old fabric on an internet trading site. The fabric was sent to Sven Fristedt and he recreated the design so could make screens and print it again.


After studies at Beckman School of Art, he went to Italy in the early 60-ies. This trip gave him inspiration that he channeled into design masterpieces over the coming decades. The Italian vegetable and fruit-markets comes alive in his interpretations. His meeting with Ken Scott “the gardener of fashion” on the same trip also made a huge impression on Sven.

retro fabric designs

Sven Fristedt “I almost got a free hand to create” “Go home and do something more fun”. That was the call to Sven Fristedt – only 18 years old. The result was the collection “Now it blooms” with the popular pattern “Pompelpona” in the lead. Sven then became one of the key figures in Borås Wäfveri’s design profile for over 25 years.   “Here I almost had a free hand to create, which is one of the reasons for my success. At the beginning of my career, I wanted to fill every surface of a fabric,” says Sven Fristedt, who today works with his own exhibitions where he prints the fabrics himself.


Sven Fristedt is schooled by none other than Göta Trädgård, who was then principal at Beckman’s Design College. But it was on her advice that he completed his studies already during his internship at Borås Wäfveri. It was simply a waste of such talent. Sven’s career took off immediately and he drew designs for the textile group MAB &MYA in Malmö and for the clothing brand Katja of Sweden before “Now it blooms” was created.