Essy Winnerholt

Essy Winnerholt

Essy Winnerholt (born 1987) took her bachelor degree in textile design at The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, in June 2015.


Essy won the design competition for students at The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, organized by Borås Cotton Contract AB and her winning design “Lejdaren” is now in our collection. Essy has in a personal and confident way interpreted the Nordic textile heritage that is Borås Cotton signum. She has with clean and playful expression created a unique and deliberate collection that create a natural link between the past and the present.


Essy describes her thoughts about the pattern like this.

“Inspiration emanates from the strict conference room, the people in it, how they dress and behave. The common factor for most of them is the shirt and patterns they carry, checks or stripes. Experimenting with checks and stripes became the starting point, to find out in which direction to go. The result was a flowing, searching pattern, like a path. A ladder searching its way upwards and for the observer onwards and away in thoughts, a short escapism. Lejdaren can take you whereever you want”

Fabrics designed by Essy Winnerholt:
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