The most common fibre in the world. It is a synthetic fibre made from petrochemicals. Due to its melt spinning process the properties can vary from thin to thick, and colours has no limits.

The fibre gives the fabric strength and less shrinkage. Polyester can easily be washed in 60 degrees.

Flameretardant polyester & Trevira CS

FR Polyester / Trevira CS gets the inflammability during spinning process so the non flammability is inside the fibre and can not be washed away.

Trevira CS is a patent of FR Polyester that has expired and now available for everyone but not under the trademark Trevira CS.


Plant fibre with properties well suitable for bed linen, curtains and clothes. The fibre is made from the flax stalks and process decide the quality of the final yarn.


Plant fibre commonly used in clothes and home textiles due to its softness. Fibre length is giving the fibre its properties and quality.