Carl Johan Hane

Carl Johan Hane (born 1965) works as an art director and graphic designer with clients such as Swedese Furniture, Skanska, Scope Capital and Vattenfall, to name a few. From the mid-1990s, he had a 10-year collaboration with Kinnasand and designed a number of high profile textiles, including a representation in the National Museum’s collections as a result.

With a designstyle, well anchored in the Scandinavian tradition, combined with his love for all kinds of colors, happy and energetic as well as quiet and meditative, makes his textiles a natural part of Borås Cotton’s collection.

“Oftentimes, it is said that strong colours and shapes are too demanding in a room. I don´t agree at all. On the contrary, I think big; bold and colourful patterns are actually quite calm and comforting. They give a room a personality that serves as a great backdrop for people and pieces of furniture”, says Carl Johan Hane

Fabrics designed by Carl Johan Hane