Lena Appel

Educated visual artist at Umeå School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo.

Has been active as an artist for over thirty-five years.

Even if they are not visible, they are there in her art – the family, the love, the wonderful and the difficult. A son was diagnosed with autism and it affected both the mother and the artist Lena. She wants her art to delight and empower that we are all unique and that it is okay.

Has a great passion for color and nature, is inspired by indigenous art, pop art, the comics world, graffiti and street art and the mix of “high and low”.

“Plants are like us humans, different with different needs. Some need a lot of water and sun. Others want to stay a little in the shadows. Some are spectacular, others more ordinary. It’s like life, we’re all different. That’s the beauty. Everything must be allowed to exist.” The fabulous design “Growing” is her debut as textile designer.

Fabrics designed by Lena Appel