Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson, born 1931, is one of Sweden’s most popular designers. The already much admired Stig Lindberg discovered the young art student in Gothenburg in 1954. He invited her to come and work for a year at the experimental ceramic studio at Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory.
Lisa has always been fond of textiles. She started collaborating with her daughter Johanna, a graphic designer, in 2008, and some of Lisa’s early sketches has been adapted and developed into printed textile patterns. New ideas are constantly being discussed.
They inspire each other and are grateful to have been given the opportunity to develop many new product ideas, especially with their Japanese clients. It is, however, also important for Lisa to get design assignments in Sweden. She belongs to a Scandinavian design tradition, and and enjoys reaching an audience at home.

Fabrics designed by Lisa Larson