Mona Björk

Mona Björk 1932-2001

Educated at the Textile Institute in Borås. In 1953 she was hired as the first pattern designer at Norrköping Bomullsväveri (Tuppen)

There, her first self-drawn pattern “Kitchen curtain” was a great success.

After the merger to Mölnlycke-Tuppen, she was studio manager there 1967-70. At the next merger in 1970, this time with Borås Wäfveri, she continued there as studio manager.

In 1983, she made the noted Faroese collection for Nordens Hus in Torshavn.

Until her death in 2001, she was faithful to Borås Wäfveri and her last pattern Malaga was launched in 2001. Malaga is still a big seller in Japan. It can even be seen in a cartoon Japanese Manga film.

Fabrics designed by Mona Björk