Flora di Capri

Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Ståhlberg about Flora di Capri:

Over the years I have spent some time on Capri and twice I have had the privilege of staying at San Michele, Axel Munthe's villa on the island of Capri in the bay outside Naples. A mythical island with dramatically beautiful nature and with the volcano Vesuvius in the background. On both of these occasions I have worked to collect plants from Capri's very abundant and unique flora. I have taken walks in the nature and collected plants, which I immediately after collecting painted and drew on the spot on Capri. Flora di Capri is a collection of my studies of the island's wild plants.
The inspiration and my idea for the drawing comes from the Herbarium that is owned by San Michele. The pattern contains the names of the plants in Latin, English, Italian and Swedish. In every Herbarium, the plant location itself is important, which is why it is also included as text in the pattern.

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150 cm


230 g/m2


ca. 71cm

Colour fastness to light:

5 (according to EN ISO 105-B02, scale 1-8)




40°C, Ej blekmedel, Kemtvätt, Strykning mellan temp, Tål ej torktumling

Designer: Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Ståhlberg